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Legacy Audio

Legacy Audio has just introduced a new on-wall/in-wall loudspeaker – the Silhouette.  Though on-wall speakers are often dynamically constrained in the lower octaves due to their size and design, Legacy Audio’s new Sihouette has been designed specifically to overcome these challenges and deliver a sound with top-to-bottom slam. The three-way design uses a new 10” low-profile long-excursion woofer and pneumatically coupled radiator.  A 7” silver/graphite midrange and 4” Legacy AMT ribbo mate to ensure a quick, clear and clean midrange and treble.  

Measuring just 4.5” deep, it is sure to be a non-intrusive addition to any audio setup.  Legacy has further subdued this speakers profile by using a anti-diffractive contoured edges.  French cleat-mounting brackets make for quick installation on the wall surface.

Application: On-Wall Full Range for Mains or Side Channels
System Type: Three-way, passive radiator
Mounting: Wall mount with bracket
System Directivity: 60 degrees horizontally, 45 degrees vertically
Tweeter: 4” AMT
Midwoofer: 7” Silver/Graphite
Bass: 10” long throw low profile motor – 10” passive radiator
Frequency Response: 48-28k
Sensitivity: 92 dB (Room, @ 2.83V)
Crossover Frequency: 250 Hz, 2.5kHz
Inputs: 1 pair binding post, recessed cup
Dimensions: 36.6” H x 15.5” W x 4.5” D
Weight: 49 lbs each

The new Legacy Audio Silhouette On-Wall/In-Wall speaker will begin shipping September 2014 in a variety of wood veneers and can be ordered with either natural brushed or black anodized brushed side trim.  Introductory MSRP is: $3,960/pair.  Look for more details at:


Primare, a Sweedish audio product manufaturer, is now shipping their new luxury 60 series pre/power amplification system.  The 60 series is entirely designed and built in Sweden.  The new PRE60 preamplifier and A60 power amplifier are Primare’s return to the high-end music system market, incorporating state-of-the-art audio streaming performance and striking aethetics. 

Taking their traditional build quality and analogue circuit design with the finest digital processing, the first 60 series music system is a significant step-up from the Primare’s 30 series brings a new supremely audiophile level of performance to Primare product line-up.

The PRE60 is a reference audiophile pre-amplifier.  The chassis is heavy gauge alloy steel with a comprehensive OLED display.  the PRE60 provides two pairs (L/R) of low-noise balanced XLR inputs, 4 pairs of RCA inputs, RS232, trigger, and IR inputs.  There are two pairs of RCA outputs and 2 pairs balanced XLR outputs, as well as a record output.

The PRE60’s integrated DAC/media board offers MEDIA/streaming connections such as USB, iPad, LAN etc. It provides up to 24 bit/192 kHz streaming of files from Internet, NAS or PCs, as well as Internet radio content and also a digital audio input from a range of devices including CD players, smart phones, personal players, sat boxes etc.

Precise input calibration and system set-up is easy to achieve via the PRE60’s simple but responsive remote and clear OLED display, which is dimmable in four steps. The Primare App for iOS or Android is available to control PRE60 functionality including input selection, volume and the browsing and selection of online and stored media.

The matching A60 is a reference audiophile, fully balanced 2 x 250Watts-per-channel low-distortion stereo power amplifier that utilizes four discrete amplifiers (two per channel) in a fully balanced configuration. Each channel incorporates unbalanced RCA and balanced Neutrik XLR inputs, as well as high quality WBT Nextgen speaker terminals, trigger and RS232 control inputs. Unbalanced input signals are converted to balanced signals by an integral high quality conversion stage.

Both the PRE60 and A60 components are now available for purchase, with European pricing inclusive of VAT, as follows: PRE60 preamplifier £6500 and; A60 power amplifier £6500.  Look for more details on these products at:


WireWorld Platinum Series 7 USB

Wireworld Cable Technology, has announced the release of their Series 7 reference USB Audio cables - namely the Platinum Starlight 7 USB and Silver Starlight 7 USB (left two pictured above), which joins their existing Series 7 models, including their Starlight 7 (pictured on the right-end above) .  The new Series 7 cables are purported to be dramatically quieter, due to the use of Composilex 2 insulation, while their transmission speed has been increase to > 10.2Gbps by incorporating an upgraded DNA Helix design.  These two upgrades are claimed to minimize jitter and thus provide a higher level of musical realism.

The cables employ Wireworld’s patented DNA Helix design with six signal conductors that are arranged in a newly expanded symmetrical geometry.  This serves to direct more electromagnetic energy and exceed a 10.2Gbps transmission speed, which is higher than the official USB high speed specification. The Composilex 2 insulation reduces triboelectric noise and triples the noise-absorption to produce lifelike tone color and imaging.

The Platinum Starlight 7 USB features molded carbon fiber connectors and six solid silver conductors (3 x 23AWG) for uncompromised performance, while the Silver Starlight 7 USB features the same DNA Helix design with six silver-clad OFC conductors and aluminum connectors at $300 for a one meter cable.  Both cables are available in lengths from .3 to 5 meters in A to B and A to mini B configurations.  The Platinum Starlight 7 USB has a MSRP of $700 U.S. / 1-metre and the Silver Starlight 7 USB has a MSRP of: $300 U.S./1-metre.  For more information, visit:

Marantz PM7005

Marantz has just announced the releasse of a new integrated amplifier – the PM7005.  The PM7005 is both an integrated stereo amplifier and USB digital-to-analog converter (DAC)Within the PM7005 are premium components including Marantz’s proprietary HDAM SA3 circuitry, Cirrus Logic CS4398 DAC and a high-speed “instantaneous current” power supply that works to ensure the PM7005 can fully deliver the 80 watts-per-channel into 4 ohms that its rated for.  On the back are gold-plated solid brass terminals for secure connections.  

The PM7005 brings in the new with the old by providing a USB-B connection capable of hi-res 192kHz/24 bit audio files, as well as DSD files in both 2.8MHz and 5.6MHz but also providing an integrated phono stage input with Marantz’s Analog Mode that shuts of digital circuitry to maximize the analog goodness.  

Additional features for the PM7005 include digital optical and coaxial inputs, a remote control,  a signal isolator for DAC Mode, and a current feedback phono equalizer to help insure the purest listening, from 1s and 0s to analog grooves.

Marantz’s new PM7005 Integrated Amplifier with USB-DAC will have a MSRP of $1,000 U.S. with expected availability in August, 2014.  Look for more details at:

Martin Logan XT

MartinLogan has just announced the addition of three new speaker models within their Motion Series: Motion 60XT floorstanding, Motion 50XT center channel, and Motion 35XT bookshelf speaker.

XT stands for extreme, which is appropriate, given that the new Motion XT speakers play louder, lower, and more accurately then even.  The Motion XT models incorporate: high-excursion, black aluminum cone woofers with low-turbulence, rear-firing, bass ports; larger more accurate Folded Motion XT tweeters with 40% larger radiating surface; and a dedicated mid-woofer on the Motion 60XT for a more open, revealing and authentic sound in the critical midrange. 

High-gloss finishes, subtle angled-top cabinets with soft radius corners and signature MartinLogan perforated grilles provide a high-style flavour to the solid performance of the new Motion XT models.  

Additional refinements include custom 5-way bi-wire tool-less binding posts that allow ultimate connection flexibility, and reinforced solid internal bracing that eliminates internal resonances and standing waves.

The complete Motion Series comprises of four floorstanding speakers (Motion 20, 40 & 60XT), two bookshelf speakers (Motion 15 & 35XT) and two center channels (Motion 30 and 50XT). Each speaker is voice-matched, ensuring mix-and-match versatility to create the ideal system for any size room.

Motion 60XT, 50XT & 35XT pricing starts at $2,999.95 U.S. /pair, $899.95 U.S. each, and $1,199.95 U.S. / pair, respectively, in High-Gloss Piano Black finish.  High-Gloss Black Cherrywood finish is also available, and all models will ship at the end of July 2014.  For more information, go to:

Onkyo - Deezer

Onkyo has been offering a wide range of subscription music and internet radio streaming services since 2011, including Spotify, TuneIn Radio and  Onkyo has just annouced the addition of direct access to the Deezer service on its new range of AVRs.
Deezer will now be available on Onkyo’s new: TX-NR535, TX-NR636, TX-NR737, TX-NR838, TX-NR1030, TX-NR3030 and PR-SC5030 models and going forward on all of Onkyo’s 2014 and future products.
Deezer provides a multi-local music experience to over 26 million music fans worldwide and is available in over 30 languages.  Access to a catalgoue of over 30 million tracks is available via Deezer and subscribers can build on their own libraries over time.  There are personal music recommendations and dedicated personalized and themed radio channels available through the Deezer subscription music service.
To use Deezer on these Onkyo receivers an Internet connection is required as well as a Deezer+ Premium account.  More information on this can be found at:


CH Precision

CH Precision has just announced two new products – their 1 Series M1 monaural amplifier and their L1 monaural analog line level preamplifier.

M1 Monaural Amplifier:

The M1 is the company’s first mono block and is their most powerful amplifier to date.  Leveraging the leading-edge technological advancements of CH Precision’s own A1 2-channel amplifier, the M1 takes performance to a higher level.  The M1 incorporates CH Precision’s ExactBias circuitry for greater loudspeaker matching.  Power output is 200 watts (RMS) into 8Ω in monaural mode or 2x 200 watts (RMS) into 8Ω in bi-amplification mode.  The M1 also has the ability to deliver 700 watts (RMS) into 8Ω when running in bridge mode.  At the heart of the M1 is an very high powered 2200VA power transformer that ensures the amplifier output stage always has ample energy to accurately and effortlessly drive connected loudspeakers.

Key Features:

•Multiple running modes: Monaural mode / bi-amplification mode / bridge mode

•2200VA power transformer mounted on silentblocks

•Magnetically and electrostatically shielded transformers

•Hyper fast soft recovery diode bridge rectifier

•4-pole 100’000uF reservoir and filtering capacitors

•Dedicated 20A mains socket for audio power section

•Class AB, fully symmetrical design

•Fully discrete, ultra low noise, high slew rate design

•No capacitor in the audio signal path

•No output relay

•Argento loudspeaker binding posts and internal wiring

•Trim gain: – 24dB range in 0.5dB steps

•Ranging from 0% – local feedback only – to 100% – global feedback only – in 10% steps

•Feedback can be set on the fly from the user interface

•Independent feedback ratio in bi-amplification mode

•Amplifier output stage and listening room temperature independent bias

•Patent-pending ExactBias regulation circuitry

•Non-invasive output stage voltage, current and temperature monitoring

•Protection procedures in case of output short circuit, open connection or excessive temperature

•Instantaneous output power and temperature can be displayed on the front panel


L1 Dual Monaural Preamplifer:

The L1 is CH Precision’s all-new dual monaural analog line level preamplifier.  The L1 has been developed to with a focus on transparency, maintaining the original audio characteristics and signal dynamics.  To achieve this, the L1 is a pure class A, ultra low noise, high bandwidth, fully balanced transistor based design.  The shortest path between input and output has been sought to maintain the highest speed, transparency and musicality.

Key Features:

•20bits R-2R ladder network volume controls with 118dB range in 0.5dB steps

•Tight tolerance high-grade metal film resistors

•Fast switching, low On resistance analog switches

•Phase inversion and Mono modes

•Pure class A, fully symmetrical design

•Fully discrete transistor based circuitry

•Ultra low noise, high bandwidth, high slew rate design

•Dedicated discrete regulated linear power supplies

•Ultra low noise, high accuracy regulation

•Oversized mains transformer

•Shunt regulators for critical stages

•Over-current protection

•Can be powered from the X1 External Power Supply

•Four Neutrik balanced XLR connectors per channel

•Two WBT single-ended RCA connectors per channel

•Two high bandwidth coaxial BNC connectors per channel

•Two individually buffered Neutrik balanced XLR connectors per channel

•Two individually buffered WBT single-ended RCA connectors per channel

•Two individually buffered high bandwidth single-ended BNC connectors per channel

The new CH Precision M1 Monaural Amplifier is priced at: $94,750 U.S. while the new L1 Preamplifier has a price of: $32,975 U.S.   An optional X1 Power Supply for L1 is priced at: $14,950 U.S.  Look for more details at:

Grace Digital Primo

Grace Digital Inc. has just introduced its new Primo Wi-Fi Media Streamer.  This new device provides access to 50,000 plus radio stations, podcasts and on demand content and can be controlled by an iPhone or Touch.  All that’s needed is a simple connection to an existing stereo or set of powered speakers.  With Wi-Fi connectivity, the Primo is easy to setup and within an instant can be providing access to online services such as Pandora, Live365, SiriusXM, Rhapsody, or saved music from a PC or Mac.

The Primo’s LCD disply is colour and high contrast, which provides a vivid, easy-to-read interface.  Grace Digital has essentially brought together the features of their Solo and Mondo within the new Primo to deliver the best of both worlds.

The Primo is equipped with high quality RCA jacks that are compatitble with virtually all music devices.  Using the Grace Remote Control app, the Primo can be controlled with an iPhone or Android device – including changing volume, tracks, stations, powering on/off and even setting the alarms.

Key Features:

  • Access to 50,000+ radio stations, podcasts and On-Demand programs or your personal Pandora stations
  • Connects to any 802.11b/g/n wireless router
  • Includes RCA jacks, compatible with any home stereo system, speakers, or headphones
  • Equipped with full function remote control or download the free Grace iPhone or android remote control aps
  • Up to 110 stored stations, easily searchable on the color LCD display
  • Supports online music services including, Pandora, Live365, Rhapsody & SiriusXM internet radio and saved music from your PC or Mac

The Primo is available now for $149.99 U.S.  For more information about the Grace Digital Primo please visit:




Audio-Technica has now announced that it is shipping its SonicFuel AX over-ear headphone.  The new headphone offers sleek, comfortable design, superior sound quality and three models with smartphone and iPhone compatibility i.e. the ATH-AX5iS, ATH-AX3iS and ATH-AX1iS models with microphones, and ATH-AX5 and ATH-AX3 without microphones.

The ATH-AX5iS, ATH-AX3iS and ATH-AX1iS have universal smartphone compatibility – including Apple, Samsung, HTC and more. And, with built-in microphone and a cord-mounted remote make listening to music and handling calls a breeze – as simple as pressing the “Audio-Technica” button to activate the mic or scroll through music tracks.  All headphone models feature swiveling earcups for a perfect over-ear fit, and the ATH-AX5iS/ATH-AX5 and ATH-AX3iS/ATH-AX3 models have a padded headband for additional comfort.

The top-of-the-line ATH-AX5iS (MSRP $89.95 U.S.) incorporates large 40mm drivers in an aluminum and ABS housing and available in two finishes: black with blue accents and gun metal with red accents.  The headphone comes with a matching flat, tangle-free cord and a carrying pouch.

The ATH-AX3iS (MSRP $59.95 U.S.) features a 40mm driver; comes in black, navy blue with orange trim, and red with black trim, and has a flat, tangle-free cord.

The ATH-AX1iS (MSRP $39.95 U.S.) features a 36mm driver and comes in five colour combinations: black, white, red with black trim, blue with black trim, and gray with green accents.

The ATH-AX5 and ATH-AX3 (MSRP $84.95 U.S. and $54.95 U.S.) have the features of the corresponding “iS” models but without the built-in microphone and smartphone functionality.

All models are currently available.  Look for more information at:

NAD M50 with Spotify Connect

NAD Electronics has just added Spotify Connect to its Masters Series M50 Digital Music Player.  NAD M50 owners will now have an enhanced multi-room wireless audio experience with instant access to Spotify Connect’s 20 million plus songs and playlists.

The M50 was designed to be a versatile, state-of-the-art network music player focused on providing owners with the ability to play high-resolution files up to 192kHz/24-bit.  Spotify Connect streaming, though no a high-resoultion source, does bring users the added benefit of accessing a huge repository of music, with millions of songs and playlists to meet just about any mood.  All this music via Spotify Connect can be accessed quickly and easily through the M50 using any iOS or Android device, while ensuring uncompromised performance.

NAD’s M50 will offer Spotify Connect to Spotify Premium subscribers who want true high-performance fidelity on July 1, 2014.  Owners will need to upgrade their M50 Digital Music Player(s) to software version 1.10.0 and download the updated iOS App v1.10.0 or Android App v1.10.0 to be able to experience Spotify Connect.  The Remote app for the NAD M50 is currently available at the following sites: 
Apple iOS:

For more information on NAD Electronics and other products, visit