Sony BDP-S790 4K Blu-ray Player

Sony has announced that their much anticipated all-new BDP-S790 Blu-ray Disc player is available for consumer pre-order, as of Apr. 22, 2012.   Besides playing Blu-ray Disc, DVD and CD, the new BDP-S790 is a WiFi enabled device that supports digital services from Sony Entertainment Network and a variety of other providers.  The BDP-S790 also has built-in 4K upscaling and delivers superior playback quality from a number of other HD and SD sources, includeing 3D.

Key Features:
- Dual core processor for faster response
- 4K upscaling
- IP Content Noise Reduction
- Dual HDMI outputs
- IR input

Sony Entertainment Network
- Video Unlimited
- Music Unlimited
- Netflix
- Flixter
- Amazon Instant Video
- Slacker
- Pandora
- And many more Internet powered services

- Social media integration with Socialize, Twitter and Facebook
- Entertainment Database Browser with Gracenote technology
- DLNA Client and photo, music, and video playback
- HomeShare Network Speaker compatible
- Photo, music, and video playback via front USB
- “Media Remote” (iPhone/iPod touch/Android BD Remote Control application)

The Sony BDP-S790 is available for pre-order currently and expected to be available in stores by May 6, 2012.  The MSRP of this new flagship player is $249 U.S.  Look for more details at: